Lyubomir borisov

If you wish public presentation of your work, design, trade mark for develop and spread  your business using media and online marketing,  you need  the best advertising.

If you want your website and ads to look professional and your products to attract attention, then you need to present them very well in the “public eye” by providing them with a professional photoshoot.

Photography studio “Borisovv” offers you professional product, fashion and advertising photography. Our work is not just shooting products and faces in their best “profile” and “full face”, but we also offer you a complete concept for their presentation.

You will receive the finished photos pre-selected and processed from our team.

All received pictures are of high quality, and within one year after the photo session, we save them in our archive.

If you wish to stick to the unique and perfect look of your site, where your products will be “dazzling”, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have decided to advertise your products on a billboard or in print, we will help you do it with high resolution and quality.

You want to see for yourself – here is our gallery with product photography.