What is an invisible mannequin or a ghost mannequin and why are they recommended for online previews of clothes?

You make clothes, import from abroad and you would like to present them in the best way? Maybe you have tried shooting with famous models or with an artificial mannequin but the online shopping is not only entertainment. You need some more. We talk about the new opportunity and standards, that the big companies researched based on psychology of online shopping. They recommended to use a ghost mannequin or an invisible mannequin.

Do you know what I mean?

The clothing looks like it`s on invisible body. The emphasis is on the cloth, not the face.  The client will not be thinking of   how is going to fit on his/her body.

Invisible mannequin accents all of your products, because the clothes are always the right size, the details are visible and are lit in the perfect way. The picture is going to accent best quality of production and material.

Invisible mannequin doesn`t have a bad mood, It`s work for you all day long together with professional photographer.

Talking about for a ghost mannequin is good to mention one more thing: When choose shooting products using that method, the retouch on Photoshop takes more time. That way is cost more expensive. Of course you save money of renting a model.

Using  ghost / invisible mannequin you are going to be in front other competitors.

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